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Round and Long Water


"Round and Long Water" is a choreographic performance that marks the debut of Nayane Gakre, a talented teenager from the Kaingang people, on stage. The production aims to delve into the universe of water from the cultural worldview of the Kaingang, the belief in the balance of the world through water.

The "goj tej" - the long waters - flow, form rivers, and belong to the Kame half. Their strength comes from the "goj ror," which are the springs, the round waters, the waters that spring forth. Under the general direction of Geórgia Macedo and movement direction by Camila Vergara, the performance creates fluid, round, and long choreographic images. Bringing forth, in narratives of movement, the strength and lightness of the "goj tej."

Conception and General Direction: Geórgia Macedo
Guidance: Iracema Gah Teh Nascimento and Angélica Kaingang
Artistic Direction: Geórgia Macedo and Kalisy Cabeda
Stage Direction: Kalisy Cabeda
Creating Dancers: Geórgia Macedo and Nayane Gakre Domingos
Choreography: Geórgia Macedo and Nayane Gakre Domingos
Movement Direction: Camila Vergara
Costumes and Set Design: Isabel Ramil
Lighting Design and Operation: Thais Andrade
Soundtrack and Sound Operation: Thiago Ramil
Voice and Narratives: Iracema Gah Teh Nascimento and Angélica Kaingang
Production: Geórgia Macedo, Lorena Relva, and Virgínia Torres

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